​Acting Classes for Opera Singers


It is the most important thing that you have a beautiful voice and you are focused on your music.  BUT, is it enough for an opera singer?  Have you ever seriously thought about your audience who watch your performance?  You know, not only do they “hear” your music but they also “watch” your performance. Can you surely make your audience admire your entire performance?

If you want to step up to your career as a great opera singer, you should advance your stage manner/acting skills. The class will help you to bring you to the next step of your career.


Private Lessons can help you including:

§  Sharpening your acting skills through intense character study and musical analysis with the professional of opera repertoire.

§  Getting ideas and advice about staging for your concerts and auditions.

§ Using the lessons from class for your preparation to work with an opera director in a real opera company. ​


Lessons are held at  a studio in Manhattan with/ without a pianist as your comvinience and budget. 

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