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Productions list:

The Diary of Anne Frank

  Opera, The Diary of Anne Frank – monodrama-opera in 1 act no intermission. Libretto by Grigory Frid, based on the book The Diary of Anne Frank. Sung in English. Running time: 60 minutes.

Meistersinger in New York

Meistersinger, one of the largest-scaled of opera by Wagner will be re-born in an ’80s NYC as an interactive 1 hour opera sung by an all-female cast in English!  For all ages. 



Music by Engelbert Humperdinck 

-  Edited by Anna Etsuko Tsuri-


Music Director; Ishmael Wallace

Production Designer: Maria Torffield

Director: Anna Etsuko Tsuri

The production is based on the concept of “To Have a life feeling close to your five senses, and integration with the audience and the performers.”  The auditorium is decorated and the seats are rearranged as if we were part of the world of “Hansel and Gretel”.  

Music by Filipe P. De Leon

Based on Dr. José Rizal's novel Noli Me Tangere

At the J.F. Kennedy Center in Washington, DC

Music Director: Benjamin Dia

Director: Anna Etsuko Tsuri

Senic&Costume designer: Jerry Sibal

Lighting Desinger: Jeff Davis


The Mountain and the Valley

Composer & librettist Ishmael Wallace’s moving new opera emerged from years of thoughtful walks in the neighborhood contemplating Orpheus & Eurydice, Psyche & Eros, and the journey of the soul into life.

The Schoenberg opera “Erwartung” is a psychological drama of a woman who is lost between reality and a dream life.  The set and lighting design enhance the personal atmosphere of the opera.  The set is built entirely of recycled materials like plastic bottles and old newspapers.  Chiaroscuro lighting reveals all nuances of the changing scenes.

Music Director : Ajtony Csaba

Directing, Set Design, Light Design, Costume : Anna Etsuko Tsuri

Composed by Marty Regan


Dance: Yusaku Komori,

Music: Duo YUMENO

(Yoko Reikano Kimura, koto 

Hikaru Tamaki, cello),

 Lighting Design & Directed: Anna Etsuko Tsuri

The new style of opera “Operakugo” was created using a combination of Mozart's opera, which is one of the most famous Austrian composer’s music and Rakugo, the Japanese traditional theatre. It was like a marriage of Austrian and Japanese Cultures.


Music Director : Joji Hattori

Directing and Set Design : Anna Etsuko Tsuri

Anna’s version is condensed and reverts back to the original simple story of Cinderella that is beloved by children all over the world.


Musical Director : Yumiko Osaragi
Directing, Set Design, Costume, Lighting Design, Music Editing:
Anna Etsuko Tsuri

- An Independent opera music by Yoaf Gal- 


Director : Doug Fitch

Conductor : Peter Szep

Lighting Desinger : Anna Etsuko Tsuri


Performance at the Blue Building  New York

Performend at Spikerl Concert Hall in Riga and Sigulda Art and Music School, Latvia

Music Director: Vir2UalCage ansamble

Stage Directing and Light Design : Anna Etsuko Tsuri

Video and Sound : Mark Bobak / Supervisor : Dace Aperane

Conductor: Jim Edinberg

Directing, Costume, Set and Lighting Design:

Anna Etsuko Tsuri

Performances at the theater K4 in Kilb and at the Cityhall of St.Pölten, Austria

Member of Queensboro Symphony Orchestra


Director, producer: Anna Etsuko Tsuri

Music Director : Dong-Hyun Kim

The production is based on the concept of “To Have a life feeling close to your five senses, and integration with the audience and the performers.”  The auditorium is decorated and the seats are rearranged as if we were part of the world of “Hansel and Gretel”.  The audience’s role is as “forest trees and berry bushes” with translucent leafs and berries.  The singers walk and sing among them, sharing the play and the experience of witch magic with the audience!


Music Director : Denis O’Sullivan

Directing, Set Design: Anna Etsuko Tsuri

Music: Wolfgang Amadeus. Mozart

Libretto: Gottlieb Stephanie d.J.

Musical Director: Junko Ichikawa

Director: Anna Etsuko Tsuri

Rehearsal Pianist: Karen Englander

Language Coach/Hair-Makeup artist: Maria Torffield

Music by Ignaz Umlauf


Conductor : Uwe Cernajsek

Directing, Costume and Stage Set : Anna Etsuko Tsuri

Chor und Orchester des Musikverein 1837


Performance at Bühne im Hof in St. Pölten,   Austria

Libretto and Music: Gian Carlo Menotti

- cooperation of culture association "Schoeneres Penzing"-


Music Director : Tae-Jung Lee

Directing and Lighting Design : Anna Etsuko Tsuri

Erste und Zweite szene im ersten Akt

Music by W.A. Mozart


Music Director : Markus Wenz

Directing, Design concept: Anna Etsuko Tsuri

 A staged  concert- 


Music Director : Anita Kupriss 

Stage Director : Anna Etsuko Tsuri

Labyrinth Choir:

Performance at  the Hancock Church and the St. John the Evangelist,  MA

All the money collected from this event will be donated to Japan Society, the organization that will send 100% of donations directly to organizations in Japan contributing to the relief and recovery effort.


Director : Laiyo Nakahashi

Stage Manager : Anna Etsuko Tsuri


Performance at The Great Hall in City College of New York

A Benefit House Concert for the Victims of the Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan


Spencer Myer : Pianist 

Rebecca Fromherz : Soprano

Jean-Ronald LaFond : Tenor

Producer : Anna  Etsuko Tsuri

This is the list of Anna's intern / Fellowship.   

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