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The Telephone  or l´amour a trois



 Libretto and Music: Gian Carlo Menotti

- cooperation of culture association "Schoeneres Penzing"-


Music Director : Tae-Jung Lee
Directing and Lighting Design : Anna Etsuko Tsuri





Lucy : Sabina Zapier(2006), Dora Steinunn Amannsdottir(2008)

Ben : Jae-hun Chung(2006), Marcell Krokovay(2008)

Juwelier : Emi Okumura, Anna-Miriam Jussel

Set Designer : Jessica Huijnen, Pia Greven / Costume : Lila John

Stage Manager : Yasunori Okumura / Music Director Assistant : Tae - Jung Lee

Assistant Stage Director : Anna- Miriam Jussel, Emi Okumura

Culture Management : Sarah Kanawin



Revival : May 26 2008 at the Probebühne Theatre in Vienna, Austria

City Culture Association : June 27 2006 at Freskensaal of Fuhrmann house, Vienna

Premiere : May 23 2006 at 6 PM at the Probebühne Theatre in Vienna, Austria


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