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Erwartung  (Expectation)

Music by Arnold Schoenberg


The Schoenberg opera “Erwartung” is a psychological drama of a woman who is lost between reality and a dream life.  She passionately searches for her lover amidst confusion, thinking she had killed him or lost him to another lover, yet continues to search for him.

The set and lighting design enhance the personal atmosphere of the opera.  The set is built entirely of recycled materials like plastic bottles and old newspapers.  Chiaroscuro lighting reveals all nuances of the changing scenes.

Music Director : Ajtony Csaba
Directing, Set Design, Light Design, Costume :
Anna Etsuko Tsuri


„a  Woman“ : Charlotte Leitner
Stage manager : Marianna Andreev / Aissistant stage director : Elisabeth Gelinek

Assistant Lighting : Tony Zabsky / Assistant Music Director : Alexander Kral / Makeup : Sonja Grabner / Technic : Kurt Franta / Electric : Herbert Leroch / Management : Robert Simmer

Middle Europa Symphony Orchestra & Sinfonia Piccola


April 28 and 30 2008 at the New Studio Theatre  in Vienna



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