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Essay - Opera world in NY - U.S. Japan Publication N.Y., Inc

Essay about "Opera World in NY - The city exist one of the biggest opera house in the wold and many of the smallest opera companies"  (in Japanese )

Anna Etsuko Tsuri Interview - UJP News

The interview on the news paper, UJP News on April 1st 2018 UJP News (Japanese) 


  Meistersinger, one of the largest-scaled of opera by Wagner was re-born in an ’80s NYC as an interactive 1 hour opera sung by an all-female cast in English!  For all ages.  - Shukan NY Seikatsu-

Interactive Holiday Concert 2017

Opera Pomme Rouge presents its annual evening of enchanted music from famous opera party scenes including Carmen, Figaro's Marriage,  Tanhauser and others to OPR fans. The spirit of the season operatic Holiday Concert will feature: Stacey Canterbury, Anita Lyons, Tahanne Aluwihare and  Nathalie wang. The General Director/Stage Director Anna Etsuko Tsuri will give the concert in an enchanting interactive spirit! 

A Meet the Artists reception will follow the concert with refreshments and an opera game. Come join us and win a prize! 

Shukan NY Seikatsu

A Passion for Opera : featured by the magazine Opera Now

 Anna Etsuko Tsuri, founder of Opera Pomme Rouge 

February 1st, 2017, by Monthly opera magazine, Opera Now

Since I have synesthesia, I instinctively focus on creating a staging that harmonies music and movement. 

As a college student in Japan, I came to realise that I had an usual attribute: I am a musical/visual synesthete. Not everyone conjures pictures and imagies when they hear sounds, but it comes absolutely naturally to me - in fact I find it difficult to avoid. 

Since my youth, I’ve been a musical actress, pianist, flutist and conductor,.....


Please click for the entire article..

at 2/6/2013, Up dated on 1/6/2017

By Tatsuya Doragon

Opera Director, Anna EtsukoTsuri's Interview (Japanese only) 



オペラ演出家 釣アンナ恵都子 インタビュー



A: I wanted to be a conductor that time ......

NY Shukan Seikatsu

On Dec. 17.2016 

By Kaoru KOMI

Original Japanese 


NY Shukan Seikatsu

On Oct. 22. 2016  (Japanese) 

By Kaoru Komi 


November 12, 2016 (English)

By Kaoru Komi

Opera Pomme Rouge, New York-based opera company presented Hansel and Gretel as an interactive opera at the Queens Museum on October 9th. Over 200 people enjoyed the Sunday matinee performance,

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Shukan NY Seikatsu, June 18th, 2016 

By Kaoru Komi



NY Seikatsu Women - from the interview of Aine Hatamatsuka

Shukan New York Seikatsu December 10th, 2016

BY Ryoichi Miura



Latvian Newspaer, Diana - Interview Anna Etsuko Tsuri

The Latvian main Newspaper, Diana,

July 24th, 2012

 The Washington Post, DC. August 10, 2014

By Greace Jean

A Filipino opera billed as the first such work composed in Western style received its Washington premiere Friday evening at the Kennedy Center with a cast that performed proudly and conveyed a love for libretto and music………

....Directed by Anna Etsuko Tsuri and presented by the Mid-Atlantic Foundation for Asian Artists, the production of “Noli” unfolded as an elegant affair in the Eisenhower Theater.

New York Observer, October 13th 2016 by James Jorden

...... There wasn't much opportunity to get bored, though because Pomme Rouge offered a galaxy of other activities related to the opera proper, including a workshop in crafting origami strawberries. (The kids then were encouraged to share their creations with the "starving" Hansel and Gretel when they were lost in the forest.) We were also taught choreography so we could participate in the joyous finale of show......

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Internet TV by Latvian Radio

July 30, 2012

​Interview for the Latvian International Summer Masterclass.  (Latvian & English)

Radio Appearance to Japan FM Network in the Program „ World Flowers Network"

June 8 2010

The link to the JFN online page.

The link to the live recording of the interview.

...... 続きはこちら。.....


Television appearance: First Japanese with Tomihiro Sekiguchi / Etsuko Tsuri Opera Stage Director in Vienna"

"First Japanese with Tomihiro Sekiguchi / Etsuko Tsuri Opera Stage Director in Vienna"

March 7th, 2009 By NHK (main-television-program in Japan) BS1  (Japanese)

Premiere : march 7 2009 22:10 to 22:59 at NHK BS-1 in Japan

Rebroadcast : 28. March 2009 (Sat.) at 12:10 to 12:59  at BS-1 /

30. March 2009 (Mon.) 21:10 to 22:00 at JSTV (Japan Satellite TV) in Europe 

 関口知宏のファーストジャパニーズ 第10話

オペラ演出家、釣恵都子 ウイーン編

Television appearance:Vienna State Opera Backstage tour guide with Maestro Ozawa "Dreaming music-house, the Opera world with Mr. Seiji Ozawa at the Vienna state opera"

January  4 2009 By NHK (main-television-program in japan) Hi Vision
Vienna State Opera Backstage tour guide with Maestro Ozawa

新春特大スペシャル 夢の音楽堂:小沢征爾が誘うオペラの世界

ウイーン国立歌劇場バックステージツアー with 釣恵都子 

Book and DVD on sale, From TV Documentary "First Japanese with Tomihiro / Etsuko Tsuri Opera stage director in Austria, Vienna"

DVD and Book on sale

From TV Documentary "First Japanese with Tomihiro / Etsuko Tsuri Opera stage director in Austria, Vienna" by NHK   December 13 2009 by NHK BS2 (Japanese)

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