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La Cenerentola (Cinderella)

Music by Giachino Rossini  Libretto by Jaccopo Ferretti

-  Edited by Anna Etsuko Tsuri-

Although Rossini’s original opera, “La Cenerentola”, is based on one of the most traditional fairy tales, it is more complicated than the well-known story such as a step father instead of a step mother, a tutor instead of a witch, a bracelet instead of a glass slipper and a prince who pretends to be a server etc.

Anna’s version is condensed and reverts back to the original simple story of Cinderella that is beloved by children all over the world.​



Musical Director : Yumiko Osaragi
Directing, Set Design, Costume, Lighting Design, Music Editing:
Anna Etsuko Tsuri


Cenerentola : Ildiko Gaal & Miwa Asakura / Ramiro : Hristofor Yonov
Donna Magnifica : Nobuaki Kyushiki / Clorinda : Katerina Kuori & Madina Serebryakova / Tisbe : Yoko hara & Spitadi Chrysanthi / Dandini : Helmut Höllriegl & Marco Mascani / Don Alidoro: Riccardo di Francesco /

Fairy-Tale Reader : Isabella Andreev & Sandro Khvedelidze 

Stage Manager : Marianna Andreev / Costumdesign :  Anna Etsuko Tsuri & Moritz Gottschalk / Makeup : Elisabeth Vollnhofer / Language coach :  Dr. Attilio Sanna / Music coach : Alexandrer Kral & Jelena Vojnovic & Hiroyo Masumura /

Assistant of Stage Director : Madoka hayashi

Costumdesign assistance : Julia Pfeiffer and Myra Vrablik

June 29 and 30  2009 at the Probebühne Theatre, Vienna

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