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Noli Me Tangere

Music by Filipe P. De Leon

Based on Dr. José Rizal's novel Noli Me Tangere

This production was presented by the Mid-Atlantic Foundation for Asian Artist.


Music Director: Benjamin Dia
Director: Anna Etsuko Tsuri
Senic&Costume designer: Jerry Sibal
Lighting Desinger: Jeff Davis


Crisostomo Ibarra: Sal Malaki, Maria Clara : Brittany Palmer,  Padre Damaso: John Andrew Fernendez, Sisa: Antoni Mendezona, Pilosopo Tasio/Binata: Jonathan Estabrooks, Utusan/Alfonso Linares: Blake Burroughts, Tiya Isabel: Katrina Saporsantos, Teniente Guevara/Helper/Civil Guard#1/Don Tiburcio de Espadana: Ulises Solano, Alferes/Manlilibing/Civil Guard#2/Isang Lalaki: Resty Yongco, Padre salvi/Albino: William Lim, Kapitan Tiago: Enrico Lagasca, Don Filipo: Rogelio Penaverde, Basilio/Young Crisostomo Ibarra: Zion Sirilan, Sinang: Rosemarie Flores, Laruja: Edward Cleary, Dona Victorina de Espadana/Ina1: Michelle Kei Ishuu, Ina2: Alma May Hackett, Ina3: Donna Hipolito, Andeng: Lisa Villamaria, Victora: Joy Tamayo, Elias: Roberto Perlas Gomez, Young Maria Clara/ Student1: Rosary Anna DiCanio, Student2: Apollonia Rose DiCanio, Ensemble: Andrew Aggabao, Matthew Aninzo, Krystle Canare, Regina Catipon, Alexis Flores, Deniss Michael, Hona-Hansinger

Stage Manager : David S. Keaton-Cohen, Production and Stage management Liaison: Cristina Sison, Digital Imaging Technician: Jason Tschantre, Language coach: Katrina Saporsantos, Orchestra Manager: Ron Pamposa, Properties: Alexis Kandra, Wardrobe: Cris Ryan, Hair&Make-Up: Maria Torffield, Lisa Villamaria, Technical Director: Paul Frydrychowsky, Associate Lighting Designer: Brian Barnett, Assistant Stage Manager: Lizzie Robinson, Stage Management Intern: Magda De Leon



August 8 and 9 2014, at 8PM at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Eisenhower Theater in Washington, DC

La Finta Giardiniera (The Pretend Garden-Girl)

Music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

-Operakugo style-

This production was supported by the Austrian Culture Center and Japanese Culture Center to celebrate the one hundred forty years of friendship between two nations.  

The new style of opera “Operakugo” was created using a combination of Mozart's opera, which is one of the most famous Austrian composer’s music and Rakugo, the Japanese traditional theatre. 
It was like a marriage of Austrian and Japanese Cultures.

Music Director : Joji Hattori
Directing and Set Design : Anna Etsuko Tsuri


Il Podestà : Seiji Ishikawa / Sandrina : Mara Mastalir / Il Conte Belfiore : Masatoshi Uehara / Arminda : Tomoko Takahashi / Ramiro : Hermine Haselboeck / Serpetta : Kayoko Matsuo / Nardo : Kazuhisa Tashiro / Monologue : Shinsuke Kokontei

Stage Manager : Seiichi Yagi / Lighting design : Kazuhiro Naruse / Costume : Kozue Hibino (Cooperation with  Saitokinen Festival Matsumoto) / Makeup : Yasuko Hoshino / Assistant Conductor : Jun Iisaka, Takuya Nemoto / Language Coach : Anouschka Lara / Assistant Stage Director : Sachi Nemoto / Management : Shukuminetto Ltd. / Cooperation : Tokyo Opera Production / Supervisor : Fumiko Takenaka / Chamber Orchester : Tokyo Ensemble (General Direktor: Joji Hattori)


January 5 and 6 2009 at 18:30 at New National Theatre Tokyo, The Pit   in Japan

Erwartung  (Expectation)

Music by Arnold Schoenberg


The Schoenberg opera “Erwartung” is a psychological drama of a woman who is lost between reality and a dream life.  She passionately searches for her lover amidst confusion, thinking she had killed him or lost him to another lover, yet continues to search for him.

The set and lighting design enhance the personal atmosphere of the opera.  The set is built entirely of recycled materials like plastic bottles and old newspapers.  Chiaroscuro lighting reveals all nuances of the changing scenes.

Music Director : Ajtony Csaba
Directing, Set Design, Light Design, Costume :
Anna Etsuko Tsuri


„a  Woman“ : Charlotte Leitner
Stage manager : Marianna Andreev / Aissistant stage director : Elisabeth Gelinek

Assistant Lighting : Tony Zabsky / Assistant Music Director : Alexander Kral / Makeup : Sonja Grabner / Technic : Kurt Franta / Electric : Herbert Leroch / Management : Robert Simmer

Middle Europa Symphony Orchestra & Sinfonia Piccola


April 28 and 30 2008 at the New Studio Theatre  in Vienna



La Cenerentola (Cinderella)

Music by Giachino Rossini  Libretto by Jaccopo Ferretti

-  Edited by Anna Etsuko Tsuri-

Although Rossini’s original opera, “La Cenerentola”, is based on one of the most traditional fairy tales, it is more complicated than the well-known story such as a step father instead of a step mother, a tutor instead of a witch, a bracelet instead of a glass slipper and a prince who pretends to be a server etc.

Anna’s version is condensed and reverts back to the original simple story of Cinderella that is beloved by children all over the world.​



Musical Director : Yumiko Osaragi
Directing, Set Design, Costume, Lighting Design, Music Editing:
Anna Etsuko Tsuri


Cenerentola : Ildiko Gaal & Miwa Asakura / Ramiro : Hristofor Yonov
Donna Magnifica : Nobuaki Kyushiki / Clorinda : Katerina Kuori & Madina Serebryakova / Tisbe : Yoko hara & Spitadi Chrysanthi / Dandini : Helmut Höllriegl & Marco Mascani / Don Alidoro: Riccardo di Francesco /

Fairy-Tale Reader : Isabella Andreev & Sandro Khvedelidze 

Stage Manager : Marianna Andreev / Costumdesign :  Anna Etsuko Tsuri & Moritz Gottschalk / Makeup : Elisabeth Vollnhofer / Language coach :  Dr. Attilio Sanna / Music coach : Alexandrer Kral & Jelena Vojnovic & Hiroyo Masumura /

Assistant of Stage Director : Madoka hayashi

Costumdesign assistance : Julia Pfeiffer and Myra Vrablik

June 29 and 30  2009 at the Probebühne Theatre, Vienna

Hansel and Gretel (short version)

Music by Engelbert Humperdinck  Libretto by Adelheid Wette

-  Edited by Anna Etsuko Tsuri-

The production is based on the concept of “To Have a life feeling close to your five senses, and integration with the audience and the performers.”  The auditorium is decorated and the seats are rearranged as if we were part of the world of “Hansel and Gretel”.  The audience’s role is as “forest trees and berry bushes” with translucent leafs and berries.  The singers walk and sing among them, sharing the play and the experience of witch magic with the audience!

Music Director : Denis O’Sullivan
Directing, Set Design: Anna Etsuko Tsuri


Gretel : Noriko Yamazaki & Yoshiko Kobayashi 
Hänsel : Dora Steinunn Armannsdottir
Mtoher &Witch : Lilianna Zalesinska & Katrin Auzinger

Sand fairy : Elsa Garcia & Alice Waginger

Echo : Maki Arakawa & Mami Enomoto & Emi Okumura

Kuckuck instrument : Yasunori Okumura
Assistant stage director : Yoshiko Kobayashi
Musical assistenz : Emi Okumura & Yumiko Osaragi
Costume : Lila John & Alice Müller, 
Technik: Michael Groessing & Günther Kittler & Erich Strobl
Development: Sarah Kanawin

Lighting Technik : Herbert Neustifter & Tonny Zabsky

Chorus Conductor:Angerila Petermichl 
Chorus: Deutschwagram Chorus

Manager : Christine Zabsky


Elementary school tour : December 2007 in Vienna 

Charity Concert for Down´s syndrome / Cooperation with City Deutsch-wagram in Austria : December 1st 2007  at Volkshaus  in Deutsch-Wagram Austria

Premier : December 11 2006 at the Probebühne Theatre, Vienna

Song Books 

Music by John Cage  

-Production with International Latvian Young Musicians' Master Classes-

Music Director: Vir2UalCage ansamble
Stage Directing and Light Design : Anna Etsuko Tsuri


Pauls Berkolds, Jacqueline Bobak, Asija Ahmetzanova, Alina Aleksejeva, Madara Boka, Margarita Gapcenko, Agnese Karklina, Anete Karklina, Liga Korne, Justine Kulakova, Ruta Lankovska, Leva Lavrinovica, Anastasija Raspopova, Laura Reksne, Vizma Zvaigzne

Video and Sound : Mark Bobak / Supervisor : Dace Aperane


July 21 2012  7 PM at the Sigulda Art and Music School "The White Grand Piano" in Sigulda, Latvia

June 25 2012  8PM at the Spikeri Concert Hall in Riga,  Latvia

The Review of the concert is here!

Hansel and Gretel 

Music by Engelbert Humperdinck  Libretto by Adelheid Wette

-Production with the voice class  of M.Boller

at the Music school of St.Pölten in Austria-

Conductor: Jim Edinberg
Directing, Costume, Set and Lighting Design:

Anna Etsuko Tsuri


Gretel :  Heidi Bogner(Kilb)/Maria Sodek(St.Pölten),
Hänsel : Petra Hintersteiner(kilb)/ Brigitte Hutterer (St.Pölten),
Vater : Klaus Milchram,
Mutter : Geraldine Schießl (Kilb)/Edeltraud Gösswein(St.Pölten),
Witch : Getraud Rabl( Kilb)/ Bernadette Pirkfellner (St.Pölten)
Sand fairy : Brigit Steiniger
Dew fairy : Michaela Kräftner(Kilb)/ Manuela Hiegesberger( St.Pölten)
Angel : Irena Mutenthaler and Ilona Hagmann 

Chorus : Gerlinde Falkensteiner, Johanna Falkensteiner, Corina Gansch, Bettina Gürtl, Natascha Hydn, Manuela Hiegesberger, Gabriele Hochebner, Barbara Janker, Eva Karlinger, Kathrin Klauser, Michaela Kräftner, Nena Kuipers, Elisabeth Neuhauser, Jasmin Pitterle, Angelika Pölzl, Mathilde Pölzl, Heidi Scharner, Birgit Steininger, Hanna Wagner, Martina Wenninger, Isabella Wimmer


June 20 2007  7 PM at the theater K4 in Kilb, Austria

June 22 2007  7:30PM at the Cityhall of St.Pölten, Austria

Die Bergknappen (The Miners)

 Music by Ignaz Umlauf

Conductor : Uwe Cernajsek

Directing, Costume and Stage Set : Anna Etsuko Tsuri


Fritz : Gernot Cernajsek  /  Mr. Walcher : Yasunori Okumura
Sophie : Elke Rüger /  Delda(Gypsy) : Maria Sodek 

Assisntant stage director : Mike Bremer

Chor und Orchester des Musikverein 1837

May 18 2007  at Bühne im Hof in St. Pölten,   Austria​

The Telephone  or l´amour a trois 


 Libretto and Music: Gian Carlo Menotti

- cooperation of culture association "Schoeneres Penzing"-


Music Director : Tae-Jung Lee
Directing and Lighting Design : Anna Etsuko Tsuri





Lucy : Sabina Zapier(2006), Dora Steinunn Amannsdottir(2008)

Ben : Jae-hun Chung(2006), Marcell Krokovay(2008)

Juwelier : Emi Okumura, Anna-Miriam Jussel

Set Designer : Jessica Huijnen, Pia Greven / Costume : Lila John

Stage Manager : Yasunori Okumura / Music Director Assistant : Tae - Jung Lee

Assistant Stage Director : Anna- Miriam Jussel, Emi Okumura

Culture Management : Sarah Kanawin



Revival : May 26 2008 at the Probebühne Theatre in Vienna, Austria

City Culture Association : June 27 2006 at Freskensaal of Fuhrmann house, Vienna

Premiere : May 23 2006 at 6 PM at the Probebühne Theatre in Vienna, Austria




 Heart to Heart

A Benefit House Concert for the Victims of the Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan

Spencer Myer : Pianist 

Rebecca Fromherz : Soprano

Jean-Ronald LaFond : Tenor

Organization : Anna  Etsuko Tsuri

We are requesting a 100 percent tax deductible donation of $100 to the Japan Society Earthquake Relief Fund (Japan for online donations or check to Japan Society’s Earthquake Relief Fund (you can bring to the concert and we will forward)), where 100 percent of the funds will go to relief “on the ground” in Japan.  This is the first of what we hope will be a series of house concerts for earthquake/tsunami victims in Japan. Please note: The Japan Society is sponsoring “A Concert for Japan” on Saturday, April 9th from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.  We all have the same ultimate goal.



April 17th 2011  

Rise Again

- the concert for Japan Earthquake Relief- 

All the money collected from this event will be donated to Japan Society, the organization that will send 100% of donations directly to organizations in Japan contributing to the relief and recovery effort.


Director : Laiyo Nakahashi

Stage Manager : Anna Etsuko Tsuri


Taiko drumming : New York Taiko Aikokai with Laiyo Nakahashi, Adrienne De Jesus, Reiko Russel /
Dorie Colangelo : Robert Draghi
The Impromptu Impresarios : Jeremy Robin Lyons
Javanna Productions' M.O.V.E. : Nicole Johnson

Assistant Director : Constantine Georgantzas / Assistant Stage Manager : Nori Moriya / Flier Design : Norika Kato / Light Engineer : Javier Suarez / Sound Operation : Engin Ufuk Kaplan / Sound Engineer : Brandon Hollely / Box Office : Michael Cowley, Ai Ikeda / Office of Government : Anthony Achille, David Covington

There will be a Bake Sale by Chika Jenkins, and food and drink

contribution from Cafe One!

Admission: $10 suggested donation However, ANY AMOUNT OF DONATION WILL BE APPRECIATED!!




Wednesday April 20  8pm~10pm (Door open 7:30pm)

At The Great Hall in City College of New York, Shepherd Hall 2nd Floor
​(160 Convent Avenue New York, NY 10031)





The Dwarf

- An Independent opera music by Yoaf Gal- 


Director : Doug Fitch

Conductor : Peter Szep

Lighting Desinger : Anna Etsuko Tsuri


The Dwarf : Kevin Courtemanche

Lady katherina Kaiser : Judith Barnes

Chanticleer : Scott Lindroth

Mr. B : Tyler Putnam

Mr. T : Glenn Sven Allen

Slietta : Ellie Forman

Scenic Designer : Anna Yates,  Technical & Scenic Designer : Derek  Connell, Film Artist : Andrei Severny, Stage Manager : Audrey Chait, Assistant to the Director : Kazuma Makihara, Rehearsal Pianist : Matthew Lobaugh


VPR Chamber Ensemble :

Keyboards : Matthew Lobaugh & Saffron Chung

Bass : Jonas Tauber

Drums : Joe Fee


VPR Chorus:

Emma Alexander, Blake Burroughs, Rachel Coates, Sarah Downs, Allegra Durante, Deborah Hooouston, Laura Kolb, Susan Kommel, Tony Mowatt, Robert Lewis, Chitra Raghavan, Ulises Solano, Gregory Spock, Ray Weisbond 



Thursday November  21  8pm / Saturday November 23 8pm /

Thursday December 5  8pm / Saturday December 7 8pm 2013


At the Blue Building  222 east 46th street  New York, NY 10017




Faurè's Requiem

- A staged  concert- 


Music Director : Anita Kupriss 

Stage Director : Anna Etsuko Tsuri


labyrinth Choir:

Sprano : Elisabeth Gondek / Monica Hatch / Robyn Lamp / Shannon Larkin

Alto : Patrick Dailey, Lisa hadley, Shiba Nemat-Nasser, Krissy Skare

Tenor : Martins Aldins, Kilian Mooney, Daniel Rosensweig, Leslie Tay

Bass : Thadeus Bell, Marc DeMille, Patrick Nay, Frank Walker


Organist : Laurence Carson

Pianist : Suzanne Sheppard

Aritst : Takashi Horisaki

Assistant Conductor : Kate Meifert

Lighting Assistant : Ned Newcomer

Labyrinth Assistant : Pam Branchaud



Saturday November  9  2013 7:30pm  

at the Hancock Church, 1912 Mass Ave Lexington, MA/


Saturday November 16 2013 7:30pm  

at the St. John the Evangelist, 9 Glen Rd. Wellesley, MA



Hansel and Gretel (Children version)

- at the opera camp for children by Pomme Opera- 


Artistic Director & Stage Director : Anna Etsuko Tsuri 

Music Director : Ishmael Wallace


Solo Singer : Hayden DeWitt

Violin : Vita Wallace


with Pomme Opera Children Choir


Set Design & props : Eiko Ishikawa

Costume : Anna Etsuko Tsuri

Technic : Yosuke Imai

Assistant Director : Norihito Moriya



Friday March 22 2013  11:30 am  

Canal street 466, New York, NY

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